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Continental Tyres

Want the perfect tyres for your car?

Tyre Patrol is here to help!

For example, we stock a diverse collection of Continental tyres Surrey to suit all types of cars, from regular cars and SUVs to vans. Our expert technicians can help you find the perfect tyres for your vehicle and driving style, ensuring you get the best possible performance and value for your money.

Why Continental?

As a leading tyre manufacturer, Continental is renowned for its cutting-edge technology and superior quality, offering a range of tyres that provide exceptional grip, handling, and durability on all types of road surfaces. Whether you are driving on wet or dry roads, in summer or winter, Continental tyres are engineered to deliver optimal performance and safety for your vehicle.

Continental Tyre Variants

  • Performance tyres like SportContact™ & ContiSportContact™
  • Summer tyres like PremiumContact™ & ContiPremiumContact™
  • 4x4 tyres like CrossContact™ & ContiCrossContact™
  • Winter tyres like WinterContact™ & ContiWinterContact™
  • All-season tyres like EcoContact™ & ContiEcoContact™

Continental Tyres- Benefits

Unmatched Performance

Engineered to deliver exceptional performance and handling, Continental tyres have advanced technology and innovative design.

Superior Safety

With Continental tyres, you can rest assured your vehicle will be safer on the road, even in challenging conditions.

Long-Lasting Durability

Continental tyres are built to last, offering long-lasting performance and durability even in the toughest conditions.

Multiple Options

Whether you are looking for high-performance, summer-, all-season, or winter tyres, we have the perfect Continental tyre for you.

Why Tyre Patrol?

We house some of Continental’s best-selling tyres, including:

  • Continental ContiSportContact™ 2
  • ContiComfortContact CC5
  • Continental ContiMaxContact MC5

Our friendly and knowledgeable technicians are always on hand to answer your questions and help you find the perfect tyre for your vehicle.

With our competitive prices and expert service, you can trust Tyre Patrol to provide you with the best Continental tyres for your needs.

Online ordering system. You can browse through our online catalogue and order your perfect tyres using the tyre finder section on this website.

Online fitting. Do not worry if you do not have the thime to get the tyres fitted at a garage. We come to you! With your online order you can also choose the date and time that suit you best.

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